Life for Life – The Eye for Eye Trilogy is complete!

My publisher has chastised me for not giving Life for Life a proper introduction to the world.

To my mind, it’s just a bit early. That said…

The Third Child Syndrome

In part, Life for Life may be suffering from third child syndrome.

Eye for Eye—the firstborn of the Talion Series—launched in April of 2019 in Covent Garden in London with the showing of a play (which I expanded upon to create the prequel novella The Trial of Joe Harlan Junior), followed by a UK blog tour, a US blog tour, podcast appearances, and great reviews.

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The middle child in the trilogy—Tooth for Tooth—came out a year later in April of 2020. While it received nowhere near the fanfare launch that the oldest child did, there was a newsletter sent out, marketing, a US blog tour, and so on. It also launched to rave reviews.




One upside of the COVID-19 quarantine is that it gave me a lot of free time to write, and I was able to finish Book Three of the Talion Series ahead of schedule. However, like many third children—Life for Life—was to a degree overshadowed by its predecessors (it was quietly released on July 31, 2020).



But, this was not due to a lack of paternal love.

I am basically waiting until the audible version and foreign language translations are complete to make noise about Life for Life and the completion of the Eye for Eye Trilogy. There will be a SPLASH soon!

However, as Life for Life is now available to the public, I want to take this opportunity to share a bit about it and the Talion Series structure here… among friends.

The Scheme of Things

As it stands right now (creative minds can change), the Talion Series will be made up of three trilogies, the first being the Eye for Eye Trilogy, which is now complete.

  • The Talion Series
    • Eye for Eye Trilogy
      • Eye for Eye
      • Tooth for Tooth
      • LIfe for Life
    • Trilogy Two
    • Trilogy Three

The entire Talion Series explores themes that you have already become familiar with: retribution versus justice; organized religion/human law versus cosmic order/karma/natural law; the individual versus the collective. The overall structure of the series is designed so that any one of the three trilogies can be read alone and can stand alone. But, when the three trilogies are read in order, the experience will be much richer for the reader.

The Eye for Eye Trilogy introduced the structure of intersecting major arcs—one story arc that seems at first unconnected to the main plot but which dovetails into the story at the end of each book. I will depart from that structure later in the series, though Book Four will stay true to that structure.

From a technical perspective, the current genre for the series is crime, thriller, suspense with a dash of police procedural and legal. I will stay relatively true to those genres as well, with some twists.

In completing the Eye for Eye Trilogy, Life for Life brings to a close the prediction made at the beginning of The Trial of Joe Harlan Junior (I like to call it Book One-and-a-half as I recommend it be read after Book One) that quotes from Mary Poppins,

“I feel what’s to happen all happened before.”

The driving force behind the Eye for Eye Trilogy is the unjust acquittal of Joe Harlan Junior. And in Life for Life the Trilogy ends with another trial of different defendants bringing full circle the question of systemic justice/injustice.

Don’t Miss Out

Life for Life is on tour right now—the tour stops and dates are below.

A box set version of the Eye for Eye Trilogy will be coming out soon on Kindle.

Oh, and…

Book Four of the Talion Series is currently in the works, as are two completely new books from J.K. Franko.

More shortly. Stay safe everyone!


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  1. Peggie M. says:

    Loved the Eye For Eye Trilogy! When can I expect The Fourth book in this series be available for purchase ….cannot wait to continue on in Roy’s next journey!

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