The Roy Cruise Series

A father who has lost everything is capable of anything.
Roy Cruise had never contemplated murder, but then the unthinkable happened.
What would you do…. if it happened to you?

What would you do if someone hurt the one you love? How far would you go? Roy and Susie find out for themselves in this sleeper hit that launches the Talion Series.

Book 1.1 (Novella)
What really happened to Kristy Wise that Halloween night? The Trial of Joe Harlan is a unique insight into the single event that will change the lives of many, forever.

Can Roy and Susie escape justice? Will Kristy uncover the truth? As enemies multiply and suspicions abound, nothing is what it seems. The hunters have become the hunted.

The dramatic climax to the Eye for Eye trilogy delivers classic JK Franko twists. But, is this truly the end for Roy and Susie? And for Kristy Wise? Or a new beginning?

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