” New twist on the ‘Strangers on a Train’ set-up — this time it’s rich, powerful Americans looking for vengeance for a wronged child. Absorbing tale of how respectable, moneyed lives can be drawn into a vortex of pain, shame and fear. ”

The Sunday Times


” Realistic and chilling, Eye for Eye kept me on the edge of my seat!”

Mystery Thriller Week


” … magnificent … a must for anyone who enjoys crime/thirllers … ”

Midwest Book Review


” … scarily well thought out… ingenious… tantalizing…”

Starry Mag


” … gripped me from the start, and like a crocodile in a death roll, twisted and turned and never let me go. ”

Book Social


” A thriller with twists and turns leaving you trapped in a psychological maze. Franko is a force to be reckoned with. ”

Books Beyond the Story


” …a smart and compelling thriller… J.K. Franko has produced a fantastic debut novel… ”

Mrs. Cooke’s Books


” … smart, perceptive, riveting, fast paced, and incredibly hard to put down.”

That’s What She’s Reading


” The plot line is magnificent … J.K. Franko is one to watch and hot property as this is a great debut novel. ”

What Do I Read Now?


” … a tightly plotted novel with numerous strands which are all woven together with aplomb. … will definitely read the sequel. ”

The Crime Novel Reader


” Wow… I read the whole book in one sitting, I was that hooked. …Highly recommended, I can’t wait to read the next one. ”

The Divine Write


” Eye for Eye is a very sinister book … but so so so good. It’s thrilling, scary in a ‘could this actually be happening’ and a ‘wow, is this author ok?’ way. I am DIGGING IT.”

Book Mark That


” This book is a must read! ”

Book Worms Guide


Eye For Eye is a thrill ride… a great beach read… highly recommended. ”

Ashley Perkins, GV Communications


” …a fast-paced modern noir… This Gillian Flynn meets John Grisham crime thriller will have fans begging for the next book in The Talion Series. ”

Lindsey Reads and Reviews


” …an immersive experience … intriguing … highly recommend… ”



” …deadly and twisted … a rabbit hole of murder and vengeance. ”

Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog

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