1. Immerse yourself in the story

The novella, THE TRIAL OF JOE HARLAN JUNIOR,  is the thrilling prequel to J.K. Franko’s shocking Talion series and the tie-in to the play.

Immerse yourself in the story by reading the book and watching the play simultaneously. Read the narration, watch the performance, and cast your vote before delving back in history and discovering the real trigger for the shocking events of book 1 – EYE for EYE. 

The Trial of Joe Harlan Junior by J.K. Franko

2. Deliver YOUR verdict

Filmed in London, in front of a live jury, the courtroom drama had audiences riveted at the book launch of EYE for EYE (book 1 in the Talion series).

Now, it’s YOUR turn  – watch all the episodes, consider the evidence and then cast your vote.


You decide!

Episode 1 of 5 – Opening Statements 

J.K. Franko’s courtroom drama, The Trial of Joe Harlan Junior, kicks off with the defense and prosecution opening statements but not before Judge Morales makes clear who’s boss in his courtroom.

Episode 2 of 5 – Bethany Rosen Testimony 
In episode 2 of J.K. Franko’s riveting trial drama, Bethany Rosen, the one witness who claims to have seen what happened that night, takes the stand to trigger an explosive confrontation between the attorneys.

Episode 3 of 5 – Joe Harlan Junior Testimony 
It’s time for the defendant to take the stand and describe his recollection of what happened that night. But will the cross-examination from the prosecution prove too much?

Episode 4 of 5 – Kristy Wise Testimony
The plaintiff, Kristy Wise, takes the stand for a tumultuous episode in which she recounts exactly what she remembers from that night.

Episode 5 of 5 – Closing Arguments & Vote
The Defense and Prosecution make their closing arguments for your vote. Watch carefully until the end.

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Cast YOUR vote at the appropriate time to find out if the majority of the public agrees with you. Then, click on the link below that matches the majority verdict for a special message from Joe.


 On the red carpet at EYE for EYE’s London Book Launch
EXCLUSIVE! Oliver Tompkins talks to actor Oliver Kaderbhai about his role as defense attorney, Brandon Fletcher, in  J.K. Franko’s play, The Trial of Joe Harlan Junior, from the book by the same name.  The novel is the prequel to J.K. Franko’s shocking thriller, EYE for EYE. Now available from Amazon.