Gone to print!

Okay – the last month was very intense. Getting Eye for Eye from final draft form in MS WORD to a print ready InDesign file was more of a process than I had expected. But, the typeset version is COMPLETE and is at the printers now!

I also just finished listening to the Audible recording/narration of the Prologue to Eye for Eye by our talented narrator – whose name I shall reveal shortly (this guy is really good).

Wow! Amazing!

I have to say I am not a book listener. I have never listened to a full book from end to end. I have only listened to a portion of a book, and that was at Mr. T’s insistence so that I get a feel for Audible and a sense of what to expect/demand from a good narrator.

Well, it’s one thing to read and edit and re-read your book. And quite another to listen to someone else read it aloud.

When I read my own work, I have a certain rhythm in my head, pacing, pauses, etc. I suppose we all do when we read our own work or someone else’s. But it was really crazy to listen to someone else (a professional) read the Prologue to Eye for Eye.

It was really powerful. A very cool experience. I think it’s going to make a great Audible book.

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