On April 6, 2019 Eye for Eye launched in the UK!

As many of you have seen, we had an amazing night in Covent Garden that began with cocktails, followed by a live theatrical performance of The Trial of Joe Harlan (adapted from the novella, which will be available for purchase on Amazon shortly), a short Q&A with yours truly, and then signed copies of Eye for Eye for all in attendance.

The event was unforgettable, fantastic, overwhelming, and fun!

I am still processing the evening—it was that incredible.

Photos and a video will be available shortly—although some early shots have already been posted to the JK Franko FaceBook Page

If you were there on Saturday 6th April, you may want to head over to the RED CARPET PHOTO PAGE to find your picture.

In the meantime—thank you…

To Raquel—my wife—for her love and her support over the years and particularly in this endeavor.

To Tony Marturano of Talion Publishing who directed the play, organized the evening, and without whom none of this could have happened.

To the cast Katherine Bourbon, Rosie Dunjay, Oliver Kaderbhai, Tom Murton, Nicole-Katherine Riddell and to my fantastic crew.

To all the old friends and family that attended, and new friends met on that night—I hope you enjoy your copies of Eye for Eye and encourage you to post reviews!

To all of you readers for your ongoing support!


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