Cover Design Complete

The cover for Eye for Eye, Book One of the Talion Series, is done.

Actually, the covers for the first three books in the Talion Series are now up on the website.

Although, I still reserve the right to make tweaks to the covers for Tooth for Tooth and Life for Life…

A bit of interesting background. The cover for Book II was the original design for Book I.

I am attaching it here, because it has evolved significantly.

I loved this first version. BLEW. ME. AWAY.

Once you’ve read Eye for Eye, you’ll the significance of the many of the design elements.

This design is by Mr. T.

And I told Mr. T that I didn’t want to go to market with just one cover done.

As things stand right now:

Eye for Eye – is going through it’s final edit – launching April 2019

Tooth for Tooth – first draft is complete – launching October 2019

Life for Life – has been outlined and is ready to write – launching April 2020

Given the status of the books, I wanted to let readers and fans know that they are ready – and I wanted to show that graphically by having book covers ready.

So I asked Mr. T to do designs for books two and three as well.

What happened?

The concept for the book two cover was even more amazing than book one, AND (tiny spoiler alert) due to the knife, was even more apropos.

So, we switched – the concept for book two became the cover for book one, and vice versa.

Then it was simply a question of brand consistency, with the mainly white background becoming a part of the Franko brand – which you can see on the website’s Home Page.

There was an intermediate step, as well, that I’ll also share here (which also involved some play with a possible title change).

And, of course – here is the “current” final version of all three.


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