Indie Experiment

Hello everyone!

According to the countdown clock on this website, there are 7 weeks, 3 days, and 21 hours… remaining until the launch of Eye for Eye in the UK.

A lot is organized, and a lot remains to be done.

The website is up! Book cover designs are complete. A launch event is being organized… more on that later.

The marketing plan is complete. And that is a very critical element to this whole experiment. Because, while we all think Eye for Eye is a great thriller and a good read. But, unless we can get it into people’s hands, so what?

As an indie title – the challenge is even greater. Let’s be realistic:

(1) debut novel

(2) debut series

(3) debut author

(4) indie publisher

This is going to be an uphill battle.

Which is why we are doing things differently.

As we progress towards the launch of Eye for Eye, I will document here the things we are doing that we believe are different from how the big publishing companies launch books, and from how indie and self-published authors approach marketing as well.

And, we’ll see if this experiment works!



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