“People who are not capable of boarding by group number do not deserve the right to vote.”

J.K. Franko


“Outlier complacency” is a heuristic which allows a person to enjoy the thrill of danger associated with the possible negative outcome of an activity or event because they take comfort in the reality that the likelihood of an actual negative outcome is statistically low.

J.K. Franko (first used in Our Obsession with “Stranger Crime”)


You see, there are no pretty pink flowers in the woods at night.

J.K. Franko (Eye for Eye)


She looked to Roy as though she lived in Oz, in the land of color, like she carried it with her everywhere she went. When they began dating, he found that her energy was the perfect counterpoint to the world into which he sank at regular intervals, that black and white Kansas that he inhabited.

J.K. Franko (Eye for Eye)


The children seek to resolve the issue amongst themselves, and mete out punishment to restore
balance and keep the game going.

J.K. Franko (Eye for Eye)


But, if we consider, as physicists now claim, that everything is energy—everything we see, everything we think, everything we do—then it is just possible that this same law of conservation of energy applies to questions of morality. A conservation of moral energy, a maintenance of equilibrium… a balance exists and must be preserved. If an action is taken that disrupts that balance, then an action similar in kind and degree is required to restore equilibrium.

J.K. Franko (Eye for Eye)


Hide and seek teaches children real-life skills. The “hiders” learn the life skills of camouflage, shelter-taking, and subterfuge. The “seeker” learns investigation, pursuit, and capture. These are skills that are useful in the roles of both predator and prey.

J.K. Franko (Eye for Eye)


There is a reason why it used to be that politics, religion, and sex were not topics for polite conversation. It is because our grandparents knew that while everyone is legally entitled to vote, pray, and fuck, the vast majority of people aren’t competent to do any one of the three properly.

J.K. Franko (Tone Deaf and Dumb)


Life is like a box of dominos.

J.K. Franko (Life for Life)

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