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If you’re here, it’s because we think you have the potential to be a cast member of J.K. Franko’s  El Juicio de Joe Harlan or the Trial of Joe Harlan and want you to have more information about the exciting event we are looking to host at the Casino de Madrid in Autumn 2021 

Please read this page carefully as it contains more information about the role/s that you are auditioning for.  


1. The Event

The event we are staging is a book launch for the Spanish edition of book 1 of J.K. Franko’s controversial Talion Trilogy, EYE for EYE (Ojo por Ojo).

Part of the event will be a 45-minute live performance (play) taken from J.K. Franko’s novella, THE TRIAL OF JOE HARLAN JUNIOR which is a courtroom thriller prequel to EYE FOR EYE.

We are casting actors to play the various parts of the play that will feature J.K. Franko himself who will be performing the part of the judge.

This play will be in Spanish and will follow the highly successful English production performed live in London in Spring 2019.

The play will be Produced and Directed by Tony Marturano (who also headed the London production) for a number of distinguished VIPs from the publishing and other industries.

2. Date & Location

The launch and live performance will be on Thursday, 28th October 2021 at Casino De Madrid, Madrid, Spain.    

3. Rehearsals

ALL rehearsals will take place by video conference. It is therefore important that you have an adequate internet connection and video conferencing facilities. You will be required to attend rehearsals (which are normally 3 to 4 hours per session) in accordance with the schedule.

4. How much does it pay?

Between 15.00 – 21.00 EUROS (per hour or part of) 

5. Cast - Who are the characters?

Kristy Wise is in her 20s.  She is a student. She alleges that one night at a college party, Joe Harlan spiked her drink in order to have sex with her without her consent. 

Bethany is a zany student and Kristy’s close friend. She claims to have witnessed Joe Harlan having sex with Kristy while she was unconscious and is called to give testimony during the trial.  She is a colourful character. 

Joe Harlan Junior is the son of a senator.  A level headed young man in his twenties.  He insists that the sex with Kristy was consensual.

Abigail Kraft is the prosecutor in the case. She is at the trial to get Joe Harlan Junior convicted of the charge against him.  She’s in her thirties and a tough no-nonsense character.

Brandon Fletcher is a defence attorney in his thirties. He is at trial to defend Joe Harlan Junior and ensure his client is acquitted of the charges. Like Abigail, he is skilled at what he does. 

The judge doesn’t take any rubbish in his courtroom and is presiding over the case. He will be played by the author of the novel. J.K. Franko.

6. Will the performance be filmed?

These details are still being decided. It is highly likely the event will be filmed live and used for promotional purposes. You will be required to sign a release accordingly.  The original series was recorded live and viewers were encouraged to watch the series and then deliver their own verdict based purely on the evidence provided.

The same will take place at this event. On the night we will randomly select guests to become the jury. They will sit as jury members and it will be your job to convince them that your case is sound.

Do YOU think you can deliver a performance to convince them to deliver the verdict in your favour?

If your answer is yes then great, BUT FIRST…

your performance will need to convince the show’s producer/director at your audition.

Good luck! / Buena Suerte!

Fancy a taster?

If the above has got you excited and you want to know more…check out the videos below filmed live in London. It includes a red carpet interview with actor Oliver Kaderbhai.  

Episode 1 of 5 – Opening Statements 

J.K. Franko’s courtroom drama, The Trial of Joe Harlan Junior, kicks off with the defense and prosecution opening statements but not before Judge Morales makes clear who’s boss in his courtroom.

Episode 2 of 5 – Bethany Rosen Testimony 
In episode 2 of J.K. Franko’s riveting trial drama, Bethany Rosen, the one witness who claims to have seen what happened that night, takes the stand to trigger an explosive confrontation between the attorneys.

Episode 3 of 5 – Joe Harlan Junior Testimony 
It’s time for the defendant to take the stand and describe his recollection of what happened that night. But will the cross-examination from the prosecution prove too much?

Episode 4 of 5 – Kristy Wise Testimony
The plaintiff, Kristy Wise, takes the stand for a tumultuous episode in which she recounts exactly what she remembers from that night.

Episode 5 of 5 – Closing Arguments & Vote
The Defense and Prosecution make their closing arguments for your vote. Watch carefully until the end.

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 On the red carpet at EYE for EYE’s London Book Launch
EXCLUSIVE! Oliver Tompkins talks to actor Oliver Kaderbhai about his role as defense attorney, Brandon Fletcher, in  J.K. Franko’s play, The Trial of Joe Harlan Junior, from the book by the same name.  The novel is the prequel to J.K. Franko’s shocking thriller, EYE for EYE. Now available from Amazon.